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Henry Foote

Director of New Builds & Infrastructure

Henry believes that design can and should influence the two pillars of hospitality he loves: operations and guest experience. This belief developed through life in the hospitality industry, experiencing the ways design and ergonomics can dictate an operation’s ability to deliver a magical experience.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Henry has been in love with the hospitality industry since he flipped burgers at Shake Shack in high school. After retiring his spatula, he took a turn in the specialty coffee industry, which brought him to Dallas, TX for several years. It was here working at Houndstooth Coffee that he experienced the combination of elevated service, efficient design, and outstanding drinks. It inspired a quest for knowledge that led him back to New York to attend Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. He studied hospitality facilities design, project management, and sustainable design, and bartended at a cocktail bar in his free time.

Henry’s role at Proprietors combines his operations experience with his formal education. Every new project is an opportunity to create a space that’s a joy to interact with, no matter which side of the bar you’re on.

When he’s not in the office, Henry can be found covered in grease and oil working on several vintage motorcycles in his driveway, or cuddling with his cats Lady Jane and Cedric. If you spot him out on the town, expect a crisp gin and tonic or Trinidad Sour in his hand.